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Rules and Guidelines

It is the responsibility of all competitors to be aware of the Rules of this Competition which will be held in accordance with the Rules of the EA and FEI.

A copy of the EA Rules can be purchased directly from the EA or from the EA website, Equestrian Australia

Competitors must be current members of EA or BDC Inc. to compete.

An approved safety helmet and long or short riding boots must be worn at all times, including warming up.

Riders should always be correctly attired, gloves and coat are compulsory on presentation to the Gear Steward

Warming up and lunging must be well away from the competition areas.

Competitors must not ride in or around arenas in which tests are in progress

Spectators must stay at least 10m away from any arena. You may not warm up in the competition arenas or area.

All competitors MUST report to the Gear Steward NO MORE THAN 15 minutes prior to each test

Times will be strictly adhered to. Failure to report to the Judge at the appointed time can mean elimination

Callers are permitted at this competition

No horses are to be ridden at a BDC competition unless they are entered in the competition and the riders are current members of EA or BDC, with current disclaimers.

All protests must be submitted in writing to the Secretary within 30 minutes of the happening which gave rise to the protest. As per EA Rule 1.4, such written protests must be accompanied by a fee of $20 which will be refunded if the protest is upheld.

Registered ponies may compete in all Official Classes. They must be registered with the EA, have a current grading card and have proof of measurement being 149cm or less (with shoes). Riders of ponies must turn 10 (or over) in the calendar year of competition – Dressage Rule 1. 12.4

Neither the organizers nor the owner of the property accepts any liability for any accident, damage, injury or illness to horses, owners, spectators or any other person or property whatsoever

Unauthorised vehicles are not permitted to cross the racetrack and must remain in car/ float areas

Authorised vehicles are requested to drive slowly around the roadway to the back of the sand arenas

Access for prams/ strollers/ wheelchairs is via the main track crossing, second access gate and along the walkway at the base of the hill to enable viewing of the grass and sand arenas. For safety of all parties, prams should not traverse areas where horses are being ridden. Prams should not traverse the track on the narrow crossing on the western side of the Pavilion.


The National Dressage Rules




Comp dates for 2018:  Sun 18 February;  Sun 15 April; Sun 1 July; Sun 19 August; Sun 28 October; Sun 9 December

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