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June 18 competition report


Sunday, June 18 could not have gone better for our winter competition. Always fraught with weather worries, the Committee had our usual pre-comp panic, with a fair bit of rain in the preceding week.

However....what a great day! It was bitterly cold but the arenas rode superbly, thanks to Peter Rocca's "nips and tucks". The white surrounds looked beautiful (and highly visible), there was little wind, and everybody stayed on top - always a big plus.

The CWA proved a very welcome addition to the Wyeera Pavilion, providing the judges, pencillers and helpers with yummy, warming soups and happy faces. They are keen to come again, about which your Committee is delighted.

Tests ranged from Preparatory to the upper echelons and the Club has received some great feedback via our Facebook page.

A word about the arenas: it has taken a long time to "get it right". We, the Committee, know this. It's been an ongoing commitment for several years but after this comp, we hope we've nailed it. Certainly the riders have endorsed us.

We hope to see riders of all levels, on all shapes and sizes of best buddies at all our competitions.

Cheers, Jan





Comp dates for 2018:  Sun 18 February;  Sun 15 April; Sun 1 July; Sun 19 August; Sun 28 October; Sun 9 December

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