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Lead by Sue Hearn and Brett Parbury, Bowral Dressage Club riders impressed at the October long weekend ‘Dressage by the Sea’ CDI international competition held at the new Willinga Park equestrian centre at Bawley Point on the South Coast.

As well as the club’s senior riders, 14-year-old Sophie Artup  finished a very notable 6th in the Intermediate Freestyle, an open event,  on Deltry Sorrento.  What was significant about her effort was that at 14 Sophie was not eligible to compete in the young riders class with its age 16 requirement.

Others who participated at the weekend include Pamela Bice and Robbie and Dave McKinnon.

The three day competition showed off Australia’s newest equestrian centre, the multi-arena Willinga Park.


















Hi riders.

I know it may seem we at BDC are obsessed with weather. Well, what dressage club isn't?

Having had serious rain through the week preceding our August 6 competition, the BDC committee was smugly thinking "No worries, our sand arenas are perfect". BUT THEN....wind on Saturday 5th reached unprecedented levels, even for the Southern Highlands in August!!! Arena letters were flying, no-one could hear themselves think, and it was bitterly cold.

"Hey, I didn't want to ride in that and I'm an eventer!" said a (now) ex-eventer.

According to Weatherzone, the wind was to drop from 2pm Saturday. President Andrew Hearn made the call at 5pm: we go ahead, and don't bother plaiting.

It was a great decision, because the wind next day was OK and everyone who came had a lovely day. Here's a bit of feedback:

"Thank you to the committee, judges, pencillers and volunteers. This was our first time at BDC and we had a fabulous time. The grounds are lovely and everyone was so friendly. A great day, we will definitely be back."

"Thank you to Committee and helpers for braving the wind and putting on a great day!!"

And our own Leaderboard Champion for 2016, Sally-Ann Quigley: "Thanks, BDC. So pleased the event was able to go ahead. The grounds and Committee/helpers were great, as usual".

Not surprisingly, there were a lot of scratchings.


* "The Sea Breeze Hotel", by Marcia Vaughan.





BDC had its Annual General Meeting and 2016 Leaderboard presentation on Friday, July 28. It was held at the Surveyor General pub in Berrima, with a great turn-up of Award recipients, family and members.

Attesting to the fact that BDC has a very happy and functional Committee, all current members agreed to serve again. AND, we look forward to the input of six new Committee members: Sarah Price, Sue Hearn, Donna Levin, Joady Artup, Christan Trainor and Alexandra Clarke, each of whom will bring input from her particular area of expertise and experience for the benefit of Bowral Dressage Club.

The Committee looks forward to our next meeting on the first Tuesday of the month, in this case,   September 5th at Bowral Bowling Club.



Bowral Dressage Club President

Andrew Hearn's  report for 2016-2017


This past year has been another great one for the club. It's culminated in five great sand arenas, now with white wooden surrounds, courtesy of the inmates and wardens of Berrima Correctional Centre.

This makes the process of running a dressage day more dependable, easier, and cheaper. BDC members have grounds to be proud of. Not many clubs have facilities like ours unless they go the to the expense of hiring SIEC or similar. So, for your Committee, it is extremely satisfying to see that more days are going ahead and will continue to do so.

Of course, these days don’t go ahead without the amazing work that the committee and volunteers do behind the scenes. As most of you are probably aware, BDC Committee is made up of quite a few people now who just keep coming back year after year. Thank you to those who include: our Patron Pat Boyle, our Club's day to day minutes Secretary Annette Hill, and Treasurer Pam Dalby. Jan Chesterfield Evans, who with husband John Wasiliev, have made inroads into dramatically improving our website and Jan is always ready and willing to do any task if at all humanly possible. Our Vice President, Mim Poolman, Sylvia Ahamer, Helen Quarrell, and of course over the past year we have been very grateful to have Sarah Price becoming more involved with the Club. Sarah has done an amazing job looking after the young riders so not surprisingly, 2017 has witnessed a substantial increase in young rider membership.

2016 being an Olympic year and having Sue Hearn, our own Olympian, involved with the Club has proved a major benefit to BDC and no doubt will be for years to come. Sue's donation of her time at familiarisation events has been a valuable contribution towards BDC's next goal – our own clubhouse overlooking the arenas. So thank you my Olympian wife Sue!

Thank you also to Christan Trainor and our new competition secretary, Pam Woods, who has taken over from Leah Brown and put in an amazing amount of time and effort to balance and organise a job which as we all know is a tough one.

The competitions could not go ahead without the help of volunteers like Eileen Stewart as our Gear Checker, volunteers who pick up score sheets, and it has been great to see a couple of the young riders helping put out arena letters arenas before and after comps and training/ familiarisation days. Thanks Izzy and Sophie!


Peter Rocca has been in charge of ground maintenance and it's looking better than ever. Thank you to Katherine Strelein who did an amazing job with the BDC marquee at Bong Bong Picnic Races last year. We seem to have the best position on the ground and with the combined flare of Katherine and her cohort, Caroline, the marquee looked phenomenal and was certainly the envy of all others. Katherine has agreed to tackle the job again this year, so start getting your hats planned.

A special mention must go to Brownie and the BBPRC for the never-ending help they give BDC. They have been incredible again this year.

Thanks to all who have helped towards Judges' lunches and the washer uppers throughout the year and all who have put themselves out to ensure our days run smoothly.

This year we have only needed to cancel one day - our members' championships at the end of March - due to phenomenal rain. However, the past year has been quite profitable for the Club. We've held four competitions since the last AGM in 2016, and have made over $10,000 profit from just these competition days. This has been a vast improvement over the 2016 profit.

In general, I am excited with the way that the grounds are looking and believe that this will go a long way to making the Club more successful in the future. It feels like the Club is really achieving things.

Lastly thank you to all BDC members and supporters, riders, helpers, managers, parents, spouses, partners etc for helping to make the whole Club happen and enjoyable for all.

 Happy Riding

Andrew Hearn.






A reminder that BDC membership runs on the calendar year. So memberships are due in December/January. People who forget to renew are a nightmare for the Event Secretary/Nominate/Leaderboard calculations, our esteemed Secretary etc, etc. SO PLEASE, put your membership renewals in your diaries, phones, calendars etc, (depending on how old you are).


Jan, Editor


September 24 pictorial highlights .... Results and Championship winners....

August 6 competition report


Comp dates for 2018:  Sun 18 February;  Sun 15 April; Sun 1 July; Sun 19 August; Sun 28 October; Sun 9 December

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